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Are you accepting payments via credit card or looking to soon? Choosing a payment processor that addresses the most common payment processing challenges could help you avoid a (costly) headache. The payments industry experts at APS Payments gathered feedback from hundreds of customers regarding the challenges they had with payment processing prior to switching to APS Payments:

  • Lack of integration and the resulting duplicate entries
  • Confusing merchant statements and hidden fees
  • Lack of centralized reporting
  • Level 3 rates not available
  • Online customer payment portal not available
  • Missing global payment processing
  • Poor customer support and service

Do any of these challenges sound familiar?

APS Payments works diligently to get you the lowest credit card processing rates, reduce your risk, and provide the best solutions for your business. Check out their whitepaper on 5 Ways to Avoid Credit Card Processing Mistakes and Lower Your Fees. It can be a handy guide as you start considering some of the common challenges and mistakes companies make!

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